frida kahlo and the letter k: animated gif \ still images

the censorship square is a tangible and digital instrument with the design intent to aid education.

it is a set of three 4in. square instruments designed with the intent to help recognize forms and glyphs thru play. the censorship square challenges the user to explore ways to facilitate rapid and accurate recognition techniques.

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Censorship exists—and is not always political. It might stem from a variety of motives, including morality and religion. The negative aspect is, that it is an instrument of suppression to freedom of expression and can manifest itself in distinctive shapes and forms. The positive aspect is, that it forms a sense of curiosity, which stimulates investigation.

How can censorship be implemented as an educational instrument thru visual communication design? 

This capstone project is an experiment on the act of censoring. It is a photographic and typographic experiment with the intent to construct a system—based upon the act of censoring—as a positive instrument with an educational function.

mvcd (masters of visual communication design) capstone applied project. series of 5 x 7 in gifs \ 5 x 7.5 in accordion booklet.

print. typography. photography. book design. book-binding.