ché guevara and the letter g. animated gif 

the censorship square is a digital instrument with the design intent to aid education. 

it was designed with the intent to help recognize forms and glyphs thru play. the censorship square challenges the user to explore ways to facilitate rapid and accurate recognition techniques

click here to view the digital instrument.

frida kahlo and the letter k. animated gif

diego rivera and the letter r. animated gif 

gabriel garcía márquez and the letter m. animated gif

fernando botero and the letter b. animated gif

pablo neruda and the letter d. animated gif

pablo picasso and the letter p. animated gif

salvador dalí and the letter d. animated gif

click here to view the capstone book.

mvcd—masters of visual communication design—capstone applied project. series of animated gifs \ 5 x 7.5 in booklet.

digital design. print. typography. photography. book design.