ocular tales of unorthodox love and trends photo-book cover + spreads

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here to view the project

a series of photographs, influenced by editorial photography and design, which explores meaning in fashion thought an in-animate object. in this case of the barbie doll.

the censorship square: capstone applied project book cover + spreads

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here to view the capstone applied project

the censorship square is a digital instrument with the design intent to aid education designed with the intent to help recognize forms and glyphs through play — by challenging the user to explore ways to facilitate rapid and accurate recognition techniques.

diplomatic disturbances zine magazine cover + spreads

here to view the zine magazine

a project based on a sociopolitical environment — through a series of visual interpretations — designed as both a print zine magazine and a digital format.


pleasing agony poster. animated gif

pleasing agony posters. print [alternatives]


mvcd — master of visual communication design — graduate show poster. print poster

reflection—a process poster. print poster

print portfolio. selective pieces of print design.

print \ editorial design.